Being A Dik Mod APK Download [Latest V0.82.1 For Android]

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Being A DIK APK mod for Android from this page burgomaster & Royce is the college of choice for a young guy from a low-income home in BEING a DIK MOD APK. He relocates away from his father and summer love to enroll. As he goes from high school to college, he will be exposed to a world of warfare by joining an emerging fraternity called Delta Iota Kappa. Fans of the “18+” category will like the 3dcg visuals, explicit scenes, non-linearity of events, personal involvement in the development of the story, and other features.

The main character ultimately leaves the house and lives into a hostel after the passing of the mother. The character concludes that it will be better because the widowed father is intolerable. He was given the chance to join the local fraternity because of his regular presence close to the school. What caused the subsequent events in his life, and why?

With optional mini-games and free-roaming events that let you explore the present scene, the Visual Novel game is made more interactive. To make the mini-games simpler to complete and to uncover hidden treasures that unlock special artwork and other things, you may buy boosters and talents.

Being A Dik MOD Android APK

The online role-playing video game for adults you may engage in any activity that you would be able to in the real world as a DIK APK, including developing and maintaining relationships with women. In case you favour a visual novel.

A wise decision is to become a DIK APK. The utilization of 3DCG graphics, explicit scenes, nonlinear occurrences, personal engagement in the plot development, and other elements will appeal to “18+” aficionados. The main character ultimately goes into a dorm after losing his mother. The situation gets intolerable once the character’s father loses his wife, thus the subject decides to move on. A young man from a more low-income household attends college away from home to study at Burgomaster & Royce as a result of his family’s financial predicament. As a member of the emerging fraternity Delta Iota Kappa, he will be introduced to a new world of disputes, drinking, drugs, and sex during his first year in university.


  • This game’s graphics play a big role. A Windows PC or an Android smartphone with the game installed will display gorgeous graphics that truly bring the game to life.
  • Once you start playing being a DIK APK, it’s difficult to stop since the tale is so original and captivating.
  • Being a DIK Mod Apk may be used to assist you in completing certain challenging objectives. Many of the extra features in the Mod version are absent from the Standard edition.
  • If you haven’t played this game before, have a look at the section below to discover some of its greatest features. View all the features in the sections to learn more.
  • In this guide, your conversation options are displayed.
  • The talks you value most are highlighted in green.
  • Phone texts with green borders get you points.
  • Test results are displayed.
  • By using the cheat menu, points can be changed.
  • completing all objectives and scenarios

Key Features:

  • This tour displays your conversation options.
  • Green denotes the conversations you value most.
  • Texts sent on your phone with green borders earn you points.
  • Results of tests displayed
  • Through the cheat menu, points can be modified.
  • completing every scenario and receive

Use of Chests:

In this variation of the game, a new kind of cheat is now available. You can use any of these hacks to unlock stuff, unlock more tasks, skip missions, and more, but you can only use these features if you got the game from our website. The ability to employ cheats is an additional feature included in the Being a DIK APK Mod that the original game does not have.

Skip Boring Mission:

You can utilise the same ability to cheat at the game if you’ve previously worked out how to skip missions. You can now skip any missions that you don’t feel like playing or that have technical issues. When you don’t want to spend a lot of time on a single task, which is the case with some missions, you may use these tools to save time.  

Descargar Being A Dik APK

Descargar Being A Dik APK is the best apk for enjoying Unknown sources can be examined in the menu’s security section. By heading to Downloads, choosing “APK file,” and then clicking “Yes,” users may download APK files. Wait for your phone or tablet to finish installing the app.

Many things make APK files popular. The major reason is because new programmes have been leaked beforehand and are accessible as APK files for download. As a result, users may utilise new apps before they are made publicly available on the official Play Store.

It’s possible that the user’s country does not support any applications, making it impossible to download them from the Play Facial Play Store. Users can obtain the APK file from other sources to access the variety of restricted or restricted programmes in specific places. For instance, certain nations do not let the download of the IQ Option, an application for a trustworthy online trading platform.

Download and installed Being A Dik Mod APK

By clicking the given button, you can begin the Being A DIK Mod download. You may locate APK on your browser’s “Downloads” page after downloading it. You must first ensure that third-party programmes are permitted on your device, which may be obtained anywhere on the Internet, before you can install it on your phone. According to the settings of your browser, a confirmation box will appear.

The subsequent procedures are much the same in order to accomplish this. To allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store and apk-moods, open the menu, settings, and security, and look for unknown sources. You can tap the data file once by going to “Download” on your device.

People Also Ask

Is it safe to download the Being A DIK Mod Apk 

APK files install programmers on your system, which puts your safety into jeopardy. Before installing, the APK may be maliciously altered, and then the mover can be installed and run using it as a Trojan horse. As a result, you must ensure the legitimacy of the website you are utilizing, 

Is Being APK Mod is Free or Paid

Yes Being APK Mod is totally free application for our user.


Being a DIK MOD APK has the advantage of offering its users daily business episodes to enjoy. Requests for newer versions that aren’t currently available in this app will be added. It’s crucial to remember that only Android-powered smart phones may use this software. Other operating system users won’t waste their time downloading this app. It was unsuccessful for them. Wait until this application is developed by other operating systems and designers in the future.

Hopefully, this review has answered all of your inquiries about the Being A DIK Mod Apk. Get this fantastic app for Android and PC right away and enjoy it. Please tell your loved ones about Being A DIK Mod Apk if you enjoyed it.

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