Best Slow Motion APK For PUBG Video Editing [ latest 2023 ].

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best slow motion apps for androids

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The present leader cell phones pack cameras which adversary even the DSLRs. One of the most captivating components of a lead cell phone camera is the capacity to record slow-movement recordings. Not just the lethargic movement recordings look cool, they likewise give an additional layer of innovativeness. Slow movement impacts can make an unremarkable video truly enjoyable to watch and give something else entirely experience. Along these lines, in the event that you don’t possess a lead Android gadget yet at the same time need to appreciate and make slow-movement recordings, here are the absolute best lethargic movement video and camera applications for Android that can assist you with doing precisely that.

Slow Motion Camera and Video Apps for Android (2020)

1. Slow Motion free app (available on play store )

Best slow motion app ,pro slow motion software, free slow motion app

Slow Motion Video FX is one of the best sluggish movement camera and video application for Android. The application not just permits you to record video in sluggish movement however it additionally permits to change over your all around existing recordings into slow movement recordings. The application is quite easy to utilize. At the point when you dispatch the application and tap on the “Start Slow Motion” button, it will ask you, assuming you need to record a lethargic movement video or convert an all around existing one.

Contingent upon your decision, the application will then, at that point either open the camera application for recording your video or allows you to look in your video library. Whenever you have shot or chosen your video, you can set the speed anyplace between 0 to 1. The nearer the worth to nothing, the more slow your video will be.

In the event that you pick a worth over 1, rather than making a sluggish movement video, the application will make a hyper lapse video. The best part about utilizing this application is that the sluggish movement recordings look truly regular and don’t include any edge drops or stammer. In case you are searching for an application to make slow movement recordings on your Android gadget, this is the application to do that. The application is allowed to use with promotions, be that as it may, there is an in-application buy choice which eliminates the advertisements.

2. VLC (available on play store )

Best slow motion app ,pro slow motion software, free slow motion app

In the event that you are searching for a sluggish movement video player, may I suggest the popular , VLC? Among numerous things that VLC does, slow movement playback is perhaps its best element and something that has been essential for VLC for quite a while. You can play any sort of media organizes and dial back the video playback utilizing a helpful slider on your screen. It supports slow-movement playback of up to 0.25x. What’s more, not just that, assuming you wish to play the video in quick movement, you can do as such also and it goes up to 4x. You can track down the lethargic movement alternative under the 3-dab menu – > “Playback speed”. With everything taken into account, I would say, rather than utilizing devoted lethargic movement applications, attempt the VLC player as it’s , totally free and doesn’t bring any sort of irritating advertisements.

3. Slow Motion Camera App (available on play store )

Best slow motion app ,pro slow motion software, free slow motion app

Slow Motion Camera is one of my #1 lethargic movement video applications in this rundown for two reasons: current and all around planned interface and bunches of intriguing elements. Above all else, obviously, you can make slow-movement recordings either by shooting live or bringing in a video from the exhibition. In addition, you can opposite and circle recordings which is incredible for TikTok and Instagram posts. There’s likewise a post-handling manager that allows you to edit, trim, turn, change sound, apply impacts, and significantly more. With the free form, your recordings will not have any watermark, dissimilar to numerous video editors which is great. Everything I can say is assuming you need a total bundle incorporating slow movement capacity in a smooth and natural interface then you should pick this application decisively. The solitary drawback of this application is that you will once in a while experience full-screen advertisements.

4. Video shop – Video maker  (available on play store )

Video shop – Video Editor is one of best . It allows you to manage recordings, add music, change tone, make vivified titles, record voice-overs, and that’s just the beginning. One component of the application which we will center in this article is the capacity to apply slow movement impacts to any video. The best part about utilizing Video shop is that you can choose a piece of a clasp where you need to apply the lethargic movement impact.

To apply slow movement impacts utilizing Video shop, tap on the “Speed” button. Here, select the piece of the video where you need to apply the sluggish movement impact, and afterward change the speed by utilizing the slider at the top. When you are content with your determination, tap on the “Done” button in the upper right corner. It can take anyplace between a couple of moments to a couple of moments relying upon the length of your video to deal with the impact. Once, the handling is done, you can playback the video and partake in your lethargic movement impact. The application is allowed to download and use with in-application buys to eliminate advertisements and open additional components.

5. Video Speed free app (available on play store )

Best slow motion app ,pro slow motion software, free slow motion app

Video Speed is my next pick for the best sluggish movement video application exclusively due to its straightforwardness. You have a basic and natural interface where you can either catch slow-movement recordings or convert your current recordings to slow movement. And the entirety of this is open with only one tap on the home screen. It can diminish the video playback as low as 1/4x which is very acceptable and furthermore increment the video playback up to 4x. All that is extraordinary, yet the best part about Video Speed application is that it’s firmly coordinated with online media applications. So you can make slow-movement recordings and straightforwardly share them with TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, et al. Also, the application upholds a wide range of media designs including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WEBM and significantly more.

6. Slow Motion free slow makker (available on play store )

Best slow motion app ,pro slow motion software, free slow motion app

Slow Motion Video Maker, as the name proposes is a devoted application for making slow-movement recordings. What’s more, like other applications in this rundown, it offers you slow-movement playback at 1/4x and 1/2x speed. You can either shoot a video straightforwardly from the application in lethargic movement mode or convert existing recordings on your cell phone at variable sluggish movement rates. Moreover, there is likewise a Reverse video mode that functions admirably and can make recordings fascinating for TikTok and Instagram stories. Besides, there is a smaller than normal video proofreader also where you can eliminate sound from the foundation, yield and trim recordings and that’s just the beginning. Having said the entirety of that, what I like with regards to this application is that it upholds numerous inheritance video designs like FLV and AVI. So assuming you need a component rich yet basic sluggish movement video application then, at that point go with Slow Motion Video Maker.

7. Slow Motion Video Zoom Player (available on play store )

While the application name is a significant piece, it carries a ton of provisions to the table. For instance, you can play a scope of video documents at a decreased speed and can likewise speed up. The great part is that with this application, even the sound synchronizes with the sluggish movement playback so it gives an impression of time delayed down. Further, you can trade the recordings in various goals from low to top caliber. What’s more, the application has support for zooming into recordings which is somewhat novel so that is incredible. Also, there is a video to GIF converter, support for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, converse and quick playback and then some. Thinking about every one of the provisions, everything I can say is, assuming you need an adaptable lethargic movement video application then this application possesses all the necessary qualities impeccably.

8. Slow Motion: Speed Video maker (available on play store )

Speed Video Editor is a somewhat new lethargic movement video application, yet it’s certainly spotless and direct to utilize. Would you like to make a lethargic movement video in one tap? Simply select a video from your exhibition, pick the sluggish movement playback speed and tap on Export and you are finished. Also, the best part is that the nature of the video remains great even after the conversion which is missing even in many top video editors. So assuming you need the best video quality, go for this application. Aside from that, there are some extra video altering highlights also like managing, quick movement, turn around change, trimming a piece of video and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. So to summarize, assuming you need a simple to-utilize slow movement video application then, at that point Speed Video Editor is among the top picks as I would see it.

9. Slow Motion Frame Video Player (available on play store )

Slow Motion Frame Video Player is straightforward video player application that permits you to play recordings in lethargic movement. Very much like the VLC media player application, it has an or more and a short (negative) button, tapping on which increments and diminishes the video playback speed individually. All things considered, there is no video switch playback capacity here. Also, it’s totally a video playback application and it doesn’t allow you to apply the lethargic movement effects. It simply allows you to watch a video in sluggish movement. It’s an extremely straightforward application for somebody who needs to watch content in lethargic movement.

10. Slow Motion video  Maker (available on play store )

Slow Motion Movie Maker is our last application in this rundown which has a scope of components to make your lethargic movement cuts more artistic. You can choose your video documents and pictures and immediately make slow-movement recordings in 1/2x, 1/3x, 1/4x speed. Surprisingly, the application additionally permits you to go up to 1/16x which is amazing. The application guarantees that even after the transformation to slow-mo recordings, the nature of the clasps remains practically comparative. Aside from that, there are a couple of altering instruments heated into the application like sluggish movement impacts, content editing, channels, something many refer to as sorcery channels to upgrade the vibe of the video and then some.

Aside from that, the application is very much coordinated with Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, TikTok, and so on Furthermore, you can share the recordings with no watermark by any means. To sump, Slow Motion Movie Maker is a respectable application to make slow-movement recordings for different web-based media stations and you can check it out. Nonetheless, remember, the application shows flag and full-screen advertisements periodically.

Make Slow Motion Videos with Slow Motion Video Apps on Android

The applications I have referenced in this article help you both make and appreciate slow movement recordings on your Android gadget. In case you are searching for a sluggish movement video application for Android  to catch a lethargic movement video or transform a current video into a lethargic movement video, these five applications are your smartest option. Additionally, in case you are now utilizing an application which isn’t on the rand.

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