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How to use apk parser.

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APK Parser is an application that allows you to picture and examine the source code of any application, regardless of whether it is introduced on the gadget or just put away in the download envelope. 

Peruse the source code of any Android application 

Progressed Android clients, the individuals who get programming, may for sure discover an application like this valuable. It makes it conceivable to review an introduced application’s source code, consequently being capable to analyze the diverse code parts that create it just as the organizers inside the application’s construction. 

This should be possible with introduced applications (counting framework applications) yet additionally with those that are put away in APK design on the gadget. Simultaneously, the application gives the chance of extricating pictures from the application in the event that you need to utilize them for various purposes (as long as you have the approval to do as such, obviously). 

All capacities are bundled in an exceptionally straightforward UI with a slick plan that allows you effectively to work with all application capacities. 

APK Parser apk content rating is Everyone and can be downloaded and introduced on android gadgets supporting 14 programming interface or more. 

It could parse an apk document into conceivable source code. With this application, you could profound into an apk design, and you could likewise remove pictures from it. (be approved, or for your own utilization) 

  • Apk Permissions 
  • keep in touch with outside capacity 
  • open organization attachments 
  • access data about networks 
  • peruse from outside capacity 
  • start  working  from dozing or screen from darkening 

APK Editor is an application that allows you to do precisely what its name demonstrates: alter any APK saved to your gadget. What’s more, in the event that you don’t have the APK itself, you can separate it from any application that you have introduced. 

With APK Editor you can pick between two kinds of altering: FULL EDIT, which allows you to revamp documents from an APK; and SIMPLE EDIT, which allows you to supplant records inside an APK. The first is a considerably more mind boggling and demanding interaction, while the second sort of altering should be possible substantially more without any problem. 

Notwithstanding which type you pick, you’ll rapidly understand that it’s amazingly simple to alter any part of an APK. You can change an application’s experience picture, add or eliminate dialects, or even erase authorizations. all  relies upon how talented you are. 

APK Editor is a … precarious application. At the point when utilized well it can bring you loads of happiness, however whenever utilized inadequately… not really. , you can discover a few models and guidance for utilizing the application accurately on the application’s assistance page. 

You said that the first occasion when you introduced the application it turned out great. 

The solitary contrast in the means you illustrated between the two renditions are: 

The form number (I’m expect that this didn’t partake in breaking anything) 

The code 

The name of the .apk document 

Take a stab at renaming the ARDemo1.apk record back to ARDemo.apk (try to back up the more seasoned form) and check whether that makes a difference. My supposition is that it has something to do with the name of the apk. 

In the event that it actually doesn’t work, you can dispense with the name of the apk document as the wellspring of the issue and begin examining 2) by remaking your old form and check whether you have same issue once more. On the off chance that the issue doesn’t exists with the revamped form of your old code then you realize it should be something to do with your code. 

I trust that gets you some place.

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