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Stube Box Matrix Lite Apk

If you are looking for information about TV apps, there are many different types of apps that can be used on TVs, ranging from streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu, to social media apps, but the one of all best is stube box matrix lite apk to games and other types of interactive content. Some TVs come with pre-installed apps that you can access through the TV’s menu or home screen, while others allow you to download and install additional apps from an app store or other online source. If you have a specific question about a TV app, please provide more details about the app and what you are trying to do with it.

New Features Of Stube box APK

  • Stube box APK is very easy to download and installed.
  • Many different categories are there.
  • Offers specialized based content.
  • User friendly app.
  • No any registration need for using this app.
  • Fast and lite and you can also use it for free.
  • 100% free apk.
  • Ads free.
  • And many more.

How to use stube box matrix lite app

Stube mox matrix is the one of this best app for watching online programs such as live shows, live matches, and many more but today I will tell you how to use it for those purposes.

stube box matrix lite apk download
stube box matrix lite apk download


  • First download it from Google play store or our website.
  • When you click on download button it’s ask for allow permissions.
  • Now allow all permissions which this app is need for downloading.
  • After completing this all steps its auto start downloading on your devices.

How to use:

  • After downloading this app simple open it’s on your device.
  • Now sing in on this app with your Gmail or Phone number.
  • When you done this steps the app will ready to use.
  • On the top of app its showing search icon.
  • Search your favorite online shows and enjoy.

Peoples review about Stube Box Lite application

With 2 star rating:

Stube box constantly buffering At times buffers every 10 seconds nonstop tried everything on my end to correct but no go the constant buffering making it unwatchable unfortunately. Looks like it could be a very good service/app once the issue with the constant buffering is fixed. Update; day 2 and local TV freezes and resets back 30 seconds constantly. US channels work ok. Canadian channels are problematic. Quality of picture is good if working. Once these problems are fixed should be a great app.

With 1 star rating:

It kind of worked well at first. But since day1, there’s never been a peg, so I have no idea what’s on. Now all it does is frustrate me, as you’re waiting for either the guide to load, or the channel to load, the app cycles off, and then on again, and just when you think that you’re making some sort of progress, it always reverts back to cycling off, and then the app reboots itself. Don’t waste your time I’m sure that there are better apps out there.

With 2 star rating:

Stube box matrix becoming slow even with a fast internet doesn’t keep up with the updates. Other than that, it’s an ok app. June 15, 2022 I’m changing my rating from a 4 star to a 2 because now it won’t do anything, but crash and not responding. It stalls and won’t close until i shut down my computer lots of bugs since the update. Need to fix it real soon.


If you are searching for a best TV APK for watching your favorite shows online without any problems so you are landing on right place. Stube box matrix is the one of best online TV platform which gives good and profitable content for our users. If you are interested to download this app so you can easily download this app from Google play store and also from our website.

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